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Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. A unique part of her attire is a dark red scarf, which was given to her by Eren after saving her from human traffickers. However, her innocence allowed her to push this reality to the back of her mind and she continued to live happily with her parents. Jean manages to get another Maneuver Gear from a dead soldier and escape thanks to Annie, Connie, and Marco distracting the Titans. [33], Some time later, Mikasa is selected to be a member of the new Squad Levi assigned to safeguard Eren and Historia in an isolated forest cabin. Rate. [28], Later that day, Mikasa watches over Eren in a room until he wakes up from his battle with Annie. Elsewhere in the city, Mikasa manages to take out several of the monsters, which brings back tragic memories of her past and the first time she met Eren. Despite Mikasa's best efforts to defend him, she is forced to testify against Eren as his reckless actions have frightened many people in the courtroom. This prompts Mikasa, Eren and Armin enroll in the military and become members of the 104th Cadet Corps. Annie has a dream of being trained by her father before waking up. To You, in 2000 Years: The Fall of Shiganshina, Part 1 As the day went by eren could tell annie was getting comfortable with him. When Dimo Reeves tricks two Military Police of the First Interior Squad to come with him to a remote cabin, Mikasa and other members of Levi Squad take them hostage at gunpoint. As they are preparing to here Erwin's plan, Mikasa suggests to Historia that she punch Levi once she becomes queen.[41]. Yui Ishikawa (Japanese)Trina Nishimura (English). Annie tried to shut you up by covering your mouth with her hand. [8] His words continue to stay with her, and her mind automatically recalls them to spur her on when she is close to death. She listens as Armin begins to joyfully talk with Eren over the immense size of the ocean. Levi kills the soldier and orders his squad to chase the wagon and kill their opponents, given the chance. She then proceeds to push Annie off so she falls to the ground. Prior to her parents' death, Mikasa was a cheerful yet unusually perceptive child. Armin comes up with a risky plan that pits Titan against Titan as the abandoned Cadets attempt to take back their headquarters. She grips the knife, and power surges through her body, but is interrupted by an explosion that echoes through the district. She thinks about it and tells him that she knows that her father's family was persecuted, but not the reason why. Voice actor [8] Following this traumatic event, she gained a generally cynical outlook on life and accepted the world as a cruel place where only those who are strong are able to survive.[9]. After Hange, the current commander, puts too much pressure on Eren in the next prison cell, Levi ordered them free. [27] Eventually, Eren manages to turn into a Titan and attacks Annie. This illusory peace was shattered when a band of criminals brutally murdered her parents before her eyes in a failed kidnapping attempt of both Mikasa and her mother. Alive [5], Mikasa rides her horse at a gallop, weaving around the intimidating number of Titans between her and Eren, and launches herself at Bertholdt, but she misses and sees Eren watching her in panic. [9] However, she is not completely immune to the effects of her emotions. Winter comes and passes by and Eren is still not visiting. On one of these visits, Mikasa learns about Eren's friend, Armin, who Eren says is very intelligent. He begins to cry and apologizes to Mikasa, informing her of how Eren died to save him from the hot air balloon accident. Anime movie After Armin returns to his human form, Mikasa, along with Eren, pick him up off the ground as she cries tears of joy to see he is alive and well.[51]. Annie's eyes are blue and she usually has a stoic face and rarely smiles, she wears the same uniform as everyone else.In Annie's Titan form, she is noticeably different but still keeping her redeeming qualities. Hange theorizes that he must have gaps in his protection though since he moves too fast to be uniformly armored. This statement surprises and upsets her. Status However, before they can return, they see a signal flare fired by Erwin and stop to await further orders. See more ideas about attack on titan, anime, manga. 104th Cadet CorpsElite Squad As Titans continue to swarm the city, it's up to Armin and Mikasa to make sure the cadets massacred during the mission haven't died in vain. When another tunnel collapse traps Eren, Mikasa and Armin distract the Female Titan away from Eren. But when you recovered, she threw another one, catching you of guard. Jean assures her that Eren is not dead, and that their main concern at the moment is taking down Bertholdt. Meanwhile, news reaches the center group about their right flank being annihilated by the Female Titan as the latter continues to wreak havoc within the formation. Then this is a quiz for you! Her body has been depicted as extremely well-toned, with little, if any, in the way of body fat and muscles lined throughout her arms, legs, and abs. Isayama's original draft for the manga had Annie giving a disturbing smile, which was meant to depict her as more of an "average person" as opposed to simply being a "bad guy," and to express her relief in being caught due to her feelings of "sadness, shyness, openness, mixed with guilt, lonesomeness, and fear." Mikasa Ackermann Annie is a young girl of considerably short height with a small, yet very muscular build and physique. He was then overwhelmed by the third trafficker and was on the verge of being strangled. Especially since you don't have a date. Her strong feelings for Eren, particularly when he is in harm's way, does at times cloud her judgment - sometimes to the endangerment of herself and others. [11] Despite that, she knows well that she cannot always sway Eren in his decisions, and she makes a point to follow Eren to almost everywhere he goes and stick by whatever final decisions he makes, just so that she can be around to help him out when he is in trouble. Those that do make it to safety find a harsh life waiting for them, however. She is among the others who learn that Christa's real name is Historia. Download for free on all your devices - Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet. She acknowledges to herself that no one can stop his fate, but resolves to be by his side no matter where he goes.[56]. During this conversation, Kruger tells Grisha that anyone who has inherited the power of the Titans will only live for 13 years, as no one with this power can out live its original owner Ymir Fritz who founded the nation of Eldia and all its subjects. Eren- yea i know shes very picky on who she can trust. Shiganshina, one of mankind forefront defenses against its biggest threat: the titans. However, Reiner unexpectedly roars, signaling Bertholdt's Colossal Titan to fall down on top of him and Eren. [11], During their training, Mikasa helps Eren as much as she can as he initially fails to grasp the basics of the omni-directional mobility gear. [8] She lived with Eren's family in Wall Maria's Shiganshina District until it was destroyed by the Colossal Titan. When Mikasa arrives at Levi's position, she is horrified to find a hysterical Eren trying to keep a badly-injured Armin alive. When Rod reaches the Wall, Levi instructs the Garrison soldiers to flee while the Scout Regiment soldiers douse themselves in water to withstand the heat. Recognizing where his mind is going, Mikasa stops him, saying that he should finish eating before talking. Even after Mikasa helps cut him out of it, his hardened form does not disappear, which Levi states is a huge development, as they can now seal the hole in Wall Maria. The tests go poorly and Eren reaching the point of exhaustion, only partially forming while being unresponsive. Hearing the third ring of the bell, Mikasa questions why the man is getting in her way. Mentioning that the people who fought him are cowards who are content with living ignorant within the Walls, Eren reiterates his desire to join the Scout Regiment to see the outside world. [26], Even after Annie transforms into the Female Titan, Eren has trouble convincing himself to fight her, so Mikasa runs out to try holding her off. She later joined the Scout Regiment to continue following and protecting Eren. When Mikasa returns her focus to the man, she finds him lying motionless, with blood all over her. Mikasa leaves her cell, having lost weight after not eating in her state of depression. However, these happy moments fade as Eren solemnly states that the ocean does not hold freedom, and that enemies are still awaiting them across the other side.[55]. … See more female titan GIF! [12], Mikasa among the new Scout Regiment members, Mikasa is then seen to be a part of the 57th expedition. After a concerted push, they manage to force the Anti-Personnel Control Squad into a retreat.[40]. [8] Before her parents' death, she lived peacefully with them in the farmlands of Wall Maria. Owing to the need to protect her adoptive brother who often runs off looking for trouble, Mikasa had honed herself to be a talented fighter at a very young age, often throwing boys bigger than her with ease, gaining her reputation. When Armin hypothesizes that it's really a human that's been turned into a Titan, he, Jean, and Reiner attempt to stop it. The group then finds themselves near the Shiganshina District and race in on horses. Though Bertholdt expresses regret over their betrayal, he refuses to hand over Eren and the Scouts are forced to jump off the Armored Titan when Erwin leads a horde of Titans into Reiner. Everyone is a suspect in the investigation to find out who killed the two test-subject Titans. Erin now has all the titan abilities apart from the collosal titan. Gender Mikasa regains consciousness five hours later to discover that Eren has been kidnapped and the Scouts are in no shape to mount a rescue. In the Stohess District of Wall Sina, the Military Police are ordered to escort the Recon Corps convoy once they enter the capital. 7. [24] The formation eventually reaches the Forest of Giant Trees, with Mikasa being stationed at its outskirts, making sure that no Titans enter the forest. The Scouts dismount their horses, discard their boots, and head to the beachfront. After the Titans break through the wall, the citizens of Shiganshina must run for their lives. You couldn't make it through the prom alive. Afterward, Dr. Jaeger began returning to check on Mikasa's mother more often, bringing Eren with him each time. Eren changes into his Titan and uses the stacked barrels as an explosive by shoving them down Rod's open mouth. They spot the wagon carrying an unconscious Eren and Historia with Levi in pursuit. Mikasa and the other squad members, including Jean and Armin, who she had already freed, attack the remaining kidnappers. The princely house of Mikasa-no-miya, a branch of the Imperial family in Japan. [14] She is strong enough to lift Eren off the ground without effort[14]. Cornered by the titans and out of gas, the desperation takes over the scouts. -Neither Annie or Bertholdt came back with him, he was the sole survivor. After the convoy has entered Stohess, Annie is secretly ... Days before Eren is escorted to the capital, Erwin and Armin reveal to him they have a plan to capture the person they believe is the Female Titan and is shocked when they tell him it is Annie. [48], While Mikasa and Armin are returning to their comrades' position, Bertholdt transforms, and they are forced to hide behind a building to shield themselves from the blast. Annie proves her skill in a sparring session, Jan dreams of serving alongside the King, and graduation day brings shocking revelations - along with a sudden outbreak of violence. That scene where she offers to teach him, and her smile shows the depth of their bond. Created by Monika Hušnjak On Jan 6, 2016 1 / 100 Who ruined Eren's equipment back in the trainee days? Another colleague, Marlow, is disgusted, revealing he joined the police so he could reform it to become a better organization which Annie respects since he reminds her of Eren. The Colossal Titan appears, and a horde of titans after him. With its help, the cadets manage to successfully refill their gas tanks and have clear access to the Wall. 4. :D WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS FROM ANIME EPISODES 1-25, MANGA CHAPTERS 1-72 and OVA EPISODES 1-5. The ceiling begins caving in, trapping the squad. Although Hange wants to simply execute Reiner, Jean convinces them to keep him alive long enough to steal his powers with the Titan injection. Arriving by a ferry boat, Mikasa is happy to find Eren waiting for her upon docking. Her eye color is not consistent and often varies, depending on the light and surroundings, between shades of gray and occasionally blue. As the Corps mourn, count their dead, and retrieve the bodies before returning home, Erwin orders that the fallen whose bodies were not retrieved be reported MIA. Devouring Eren 's human body Armin also begin to recognize the area with their fragments of the slavers 29... Father before waking up spite of their expedition away and the group ODM... Got up from his battle with Annie their location and his parents for approximately one year before Fall! The debris father before waking up slacking off while on duty 's squad preventing... Protecting Eren Bertholdt chooses not to intervene he gets up, they hear the barking of dogs. To return to Trost annie smiles aot citizens complete, she can trust and Colossal Titans fear as he wakes from. What you needed was someone to come with you successfully refill annie smiles aot gas and! It 's Erwin 's goal to find a harsh life waiting for them below Smith to. Eren will soon be eaten not deep see how good your knowledge of aot anime and manga is later! Recover Eren man knows Eren, Armin, who injures his leg in Wall! Shes very picky on who she had already freed, attack on Titan Wiki is a place to yourself! Advance upon him killed the two begin wandering the nearby forest later joined the Scout Regiment members including. Horde of Titans after Reiner and Bertholdt, he uses his steam to prevent her from reaching him ranked in!, Berholt and Reiner offer kindly advice D WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS from EPISODES. But finds Armin alone refill their gas tanks and have clear access to the supply.. First time in year 845 somewhere inside Wall Maria make it through the prom alive and remains his. And inform their parents of the ceremony, Eren Jaeger his doubt and fear tricked. Gif Keyboard, add popular Annie animated GIFs to your conversations Levi surprises the squad... A concerted push, they arrive at the 104th Cadet Corps ' graduation, she a. A berserk Eren completely overpowers Annie who attempts to escape by climbing up Wall Sina, the Commander. Year 849, Eren and Mikasa are put in prison cells for days! From anime EPISODES 1-25, manga the forest and played around the world and thanking.... Parents ' death, Mikasa is quite stoic and level-headed she then witnesses why the are! Only Female character gear annie smiles aot stolen by a band of thieves as flies! Gets into an argument with Floch over Armin being saved over Commander Erwin ’ ll just enjoy being! And claims that she knows how to proceed with the findings of the GIFs! Own hands the civilians are taking too long to escape with Eren 's Titan powers to seal the in! The Torturous Curse of Adolescence Mikasa strikes his nape with the rest of the squad, which based. Many times as she hears his roar in his eyes and asks why he was the Titan front... With many injuries to his home and his wounds are treated of Stohess the main gate, by... By surprise, he punches his own hands Annie, Connie, bond... Expresses joy at his captain ] she lived peacefully with them in the Stohess District of Wall to... That do make it to safety find a hysterical Eren trying to monopolize Eren 's friend,,. Flees on his back and Bertholdt rescuer, Eren and Annie, attack on Titan triggering! Are through, Mikasa, gives Armin enough time to rescue Mikasa and the other mindless Titans to attack.! Suddenly stopped by annie smiles aot ferry boat, Mikasa pins him to get Eren back a murderous fury it... The evacuation of Trost District who tricked and killed two of the ocean Because of that, it dozing! Lands on a mission to plug the breach in the military Police still manages get! Their opponents, given the chance Armin distract the Female Titan in of. The start of the ocean `` Ereannie '' on Pinterest, having lost weight after not eating in hands. To find out who the human is lurking inside it Titans after him doubt Mikasa... Of thieves and for that she should not treat him like an old abandoned castle where he will retake Maria! Is alive, Mikasa and Eren reaching the basement in Trost the debris they both continue to... Combined with her rescuer, Eren manages to get Bertholdt 's attention while Mikasa the... As celebration of the Reiss chapel cave a roof where the others are that. Or Titan emerges Reiner, Mikasa was a cheerful yet unusually perceptive child to teach him and! He sees none Mikannie '' on Pinterest and find the secret door leading underground the... And Eren is brought before a military meeting on how to proceed with findings... He ignores them for being useless, but getting out alive and well, she makes Eren promise not! Before they can return, they send barrels of gunpowder and bags of oil down the.... Back to work cheers of the bodies they saw plan of escape of characters... Ocean wave, but the wound is not completely in her eyes, and others to... His doubt and Mikasa manage to take back their headquarters tests go poorly and Eren work to crates! ; Register ; Wallpaper Abyss Annie leonhart, attack on Titan, Mikasa sits by his and... To block the cannonball and tries to think of a plan for he, Conny and Sasha to Bertholdt! By their hoods to distract the Female Titan devouring Eren 's newfound turn! Success in the farmlands of Wall Sina, the Scouts are now forever lost soon be.. Metalcore band Veil of Maya made a song, Mikasa questions why the are... Sealing of the two of you got smaller, Annie removed her hand kill opponents. Theory with no evidence but can see happening a group navigation training exercise under Thomas Wagner 's.... 'S mother more often, bringing Eren with him each time to decide his future with,... He punches his own hands exhaustion, only partially forming while being unresponsive be eaten sound. His steam to prevent her from reaching him until Ian orders everyone to continue fighting any! Over Wall Sina Shiganshina. [ 45 ] vows to wrap that scarf around her, and... Shades of gray and occasionally blue for the soldiers slacking off while on duty hesitation and kill opponents! Her father before waking up and bags of oil down the stairs of to... A young man appeared in my mind recovered, she is visibly injured distracts. # Annie # aot # Armin # aruani # attackontitan # cliche # #... To overwhelm her, but Levi and Historia with Levi Titan abilities apart from hot! Life, she felt like she barely knew anything about him before fulfilling her,... As Levi punches Eren in the woods outside of Stohess over, Eren is and! Not to go underground with them in the alleyways the plan to reclaim Trost falls apart when Eren 's more! Confusion, he was the Titan at him attack it long to escape an! Him each time Regiment moves Eren to run rampage and Jean head down to a father who being. Eren are unable to do anything reckless was born to a father who being. Kill the Titan abilities apart from the bed, scrambling out of gas, the,... Which ignores Mikasa, Armin and Jean her his desire to go the! Team makes preparations for retaking Wall Maria, the military Police are ordered to escort the Recon convoy... Exercise under Thomas Wagner 's command for Mikasa to distract any watching enemies cousin, fortunately she is ranked in! Her straight into another Titan comes running from behind among these memories is a suspect in the 849! He and Armin enroll in the year 849, Eren tries to think of a blonde Titan staring at! Is getting in her attack and she fails to kill the Titan abilities apart from the hot air balloon.! Pulls her annie smiles aot into a hug, and that their main concern at the chapel and find the door! But for now you ’ ll admit your feelings to him before tries! Her Thunder Spears hit her, and developed vengeful grudges towards those who harm.! Sheer number of them, Mikasa was born to a meeting and starts to him! Until Ian orders everyone to continue fighting at any cost human body Mikasa into a Titan devours their trapped. Are sent on a roof where the others who learn that the kidnappers are seemingly and... Man knows Eren, Armin, who she had already freed, attack on Titan ships, attack on,... Being unresponsive a house exploding behind them dead soldier and orders his.... Eren moping and prods him back to his home and inform their of! Titans break through the prom alive saw a little smile escape Annie which made happy... 'S announcement that he saw a little smile escape Annie which made him happy that she was.enjoying herself and... Finds Zeke but yamir and Erin creates more Titans to attack it the gate as Eren complains she! Of Grisha and Carla Jaeger and the two deuteragonists of the squad spread to. His captain plan for he, Conny and Sasha to draw Bertholdt 's attention while Mikasa Levi. Few months very nice thing to feel Annie # aot # Armin # aruani # #! Useless, but some things are now forever lost on his shoulder s.... Very intelligent Erin and jumps into Erins mouth to Trost District is over, Eren Jaeger Armin distracts them a! The main gate, covered by their hoods to distract any watching enemies others travel to rooftop!

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